About us

Wojciech Trykacz has been specializing in the production of concrete prefabricated elements and in general stonemason work for almost 50 years.

In order to meet our customers' changing needs, we have introduced columbaria to our range. We have a specialized manufacturing facility and our own assembly teams. We are able to provide comprehensive services ranging from the design and manufacture of the columbarium to its transport and professional installation.

Where can you find us?

The company's headquarters

Zakład Wyrobów Betonowych – Wojciech Trykacz
Łucka 139
21-100 Lubartów

+48 81 8552185 / +48 81 8545176



Sales department

  • Columbaria, gravestones,
    Commercial Director Arkadiusz WOCH awoch@trykacz.pl +48 725 605 602
  • Gravestones
    (wholesale and retail)
    Sales Manager Leszek WÓJTOWICZ lwojtowicz@trykacz.pl +48 509 573 249

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