Why columbaria

The first and the main reason for choosing a columbarium is the lack of available burial sites in a cemetery.
This is particularly true in the case of old necropolises, or those located in city centres where the surroundings do not allow for any further increase in area.

On average, a traditional burial plot for 2 people in a cemetery requires a space measuring about 150/170 x 270/300 cm. In the same area, we can build a columbarium containing 30 niches that can hold about 4 urns each. This means the creation of a resting place for up to 120 people

For example: an area allowing the construction of 3 tombs (4 or even 6 people) can be used as a place to establish a columbarium.
This will allow optimal use of the area, increasing the number of burial places up to 90 in the form of niches for urns.

Wymiary kolumbarium

Lower costs

Depending on the region, a plot for a grave costs about PLN 4,500 to 6,000. In addition, there is the cost of manufacturing the tomb stonework, at another PLN 8,000-10,000 (or more), and the amount allocated to purchase the space for 20-25 years (about PLN 500), which together makes many thousand PLN.

The niche in a stone-covered columbarium (with the purchase of the space for 20-25 years) costs around PLN 4,500-6,000 on average.
The niche in a columbarium based on structural or architectural concrete, or painted plaster, costs noticeably less.

This makes it a serious alternative to a traditional burial (especially in cities).

A plot with a tombfrom 4,500 to 6,000 PLN
Making a gravestonefrom 8,000 to 10,000 PLN
Purchase of a place for 20 yearsabout PLN 500
A niche in a columbarium, with purchase of a place for 20-25 yearsfrom 4,500 to 6,000 PLN

Aesthetics of columbaria

The combined use of a columbarium as a wall surrounding the cemetery is one of its most important advantages, a 2 in 1 effect. It changes and refreshes the cemetery boundary, while creating new burial places in the cemetery, many of which would otherwise be closed for burials.

The advantage of a columbarium is (or should be) its appearance, either as a matching or an eye-catching architectural element.